Polish Dream Bernese Mountain Dogs

We breed for the betterment of the breed
Our goal is to produce happy healthly dogs with 10+ year lifespan


We offer pet and show quality Bernese puppies


We are here to help if you need any advise with a Bernese

Rescue and Re-homing

We can help if for whatever reason a Bernese needs a new home


We regulary show our dogs around Brisbane

Pet Supplies

We use and recommend products supplied by www.completecanine.com.au


There are many activities for you and your Berner to get involved in, just ask us

Recent Photos

Some recent photos of our dogs

Guccio Gucci

We had a heap of rain around Christmas and Guccio was out playing in the puddles



This was taken the same day as the one of Guccio on the front lawn. Looks at that cross on her chest


Gee Gee with Abbey

The two Howzebern girls, some say they can't tell them apart but, we can


Abbey Stacked

We were practising some show techniques with abbey on the front lawn


Deja Vu Von Romanshof

Our newest edition to the Polish Dream Kennel. Here he is at 8 weeks old


The Guc

This photo shows the beautiful soft nature of Guccio that we love the most


Guccio's Girl

Gee Gee and her sister abbey together in the local dog park. Abbey is about 6 months old here


Guccio Gucci

This is on of our favourite photos taken just after a bath and sitting on our front lawn


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